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Fergo SimpleDXF

Fergo SimpleDXF is a simple .NET (C#) DXF library for reading Autodesk DXF format. It's is not coded to be a complete and full-featured library for reading the entire DXF format, but to be a fast solution for those who just need the basic 2D geometry information (no Z axis). For example, it doesn't read tables (with the exception of the "layer" element), classes or header and also doesn't support linetypes, lineweight, dimension styles, text styles etc. It's mainly focused at the DXF entities. 

Below is table containing the entities supported at the moment :

Entity Properties
LAYER Name, Color
LINE Layer, Start Position, End Position
CIRCLE Layer, Center Position, Radius
ARC Layer, Center Position, Radius, Start Angle, End Angle
POINT Layer, Position
TEXT Layer, Position, Text
POLYLINE Layer, Vertex List, Closed Flag
LWPOLYLINE Layer, Vertex List, Closed Flag
VERTEX Layer, Position, Bulge

This library also has methods to generate polygonal vertexes, at a given precision, for curved shapes such as Circles, Arcs and Polylines. It currently doesn't support blocks, but I plan to add support for it in the future. At the moment, is best to work with DXF not containing any blocks (explode the entire drawing).

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